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Project Information

Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the Bridge is an outdoor exhibition exploring identity and belonging in Ashburton's migrant community. The exhibition is a collaboration between Anthropologist Sophie-Claire Violette, Photographer Petra Mingneau, Videographer Vanesa Paredes and Producer Lucy Holland. 21 participants were interviewed and photographed for the nine day exhibition which took place in Ashburton's Baring Square East. The outcomes include stunning large scale portraits, unique booklets sharing the participants own photographs and stories, a short documentary and in-depth written stories.

Goodbrand created the visual presence for the exhibition. Included in this was promotional posters, invites & flyers, 21 unique booklets, promotional banners & boards for the exhibition space, social media graphics and a highly effective website that enhances the experience of those who visit and also brought the experience of the exhibition to those who were unable to attend.


Photography by Petra Mingneau